March, 2017

New Jersey Monthly, “Energizing Newark’s Art Scene”

November, 2016

Ragazine, “Un | Fixed Homeland: How Art Makes Me Want to be a Guyana Girl Again”
Guyana Chronicle, “Karran Sahadeo: Exploring the disconnections of migration through conceptual photography”
Guyana Chronicle, “Kwesi Abbensetts – Tending the garden of fragmented memories”

October, 2016

Artnet, “Dexter Wimberly Named Director of the Aljira Center for Contemporary Art in Newark”
ArtNews, “Aljira Center for Contemporary Art in Newark Names Dexter Wimberly New Director”
Art Forum, “Dexter Wimberly Appointed Executive Director of the Aljira Center for Contemporary Art in Newark”
Guyana Chronicle, “Khadija Benn: Countering the typical narrative of Guyana’s landscape”
Guyana Chronicle, “Picturing Guyana’s seascape in black & white”
Guyana Chronicle, “Migration, memory and the Guyana experience”

September, 2016

Hyperallergic, “Gathering the Work of Guyanese Artists Far from Home”
Voices of New York, “How 13 Artists See Guyana”
The Daily Meal, “Un | Fixed Homeland: A Night of Guyanese Art and Inspired Cuisine in Newark’s Aljira”
Sculpture, “Newark, New Jersey: Pat Lay – Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art”

August, 2016

Village Voice, “A Guyanese Art Show Explores Images of Migration and Home-Making”
True Africa, “Un|Fixed Homeland: 13 artists explore themes around what ‘home’ is”

May, 2016

The Star Ledger, “Victor Davson leaves Aljira with a show of his ‘imaginary portraits'”

April, 2016

Steve Adubato: On the Air, “Victor Davson On Opening Aljira and His Exhibit ‘Full Circle'”

March, 2016

Not What It Is, “Review: Pat Lay at Aljira”

February, 2016

The Star-Ledger, “Circuitous Link Between Man and Machine”
Not What It Is, “Lay With Machines”

January, 2016

The Newark Times, “Aljira Presents Pat Lay”
Brick City Live, “Bending the Grid”

December, 2015

The Star-Ledger, “Around Town: Electrical switching station in Newark is artistic sight for sore eyes”
Huffington Post, “Artist Michael Paul Britto On What It Means To Be A Black Man In America”
Brick City Live, “What Newark’s Aljira gallery is doing to continue incubating artist careers in town, 30 years after its grassroots founding”
#GivingTuesday, “Giving and Inspiring Newark: GAIN – Newark Gives”

July, 2015

NJTV, “Artist’s Portrait Setting Provides Background on Subjects”
The Star-Ledger, “Mel Leipzig’s ‘As They Are’ at Aljira – portraits of artists, friends and 21st century fellows” | Downloadable PDF

April, 2015

International Review of African-American Art, “Derrick Adams Brings A Practical Edge to Conceptual Art”
Star-Ledger, “First Architectural Elevation for Express Newark project released”

March, 2015

Huffington Post, “Derrick Adams Merges Radio and Art With A Focus on Community”
The Newark Times, “Derrick Adams and Holdout Radio”

December, 2014

Brick City News, “30 years into its run, Aljira incubates Newark artists and institutions”

October, 2014

The Star-Ledger, “Art Review: Emerge 11 at Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art, in Newark”
State of the Arts, “Emerge 11 at Aljira”

August, 2014

Jersey Arts, “30 Years of Aljira Chronicled at the State Museum”

July, 2014

Newark Bound, “Setting the Standard”

April, 2014

The New York Times, “Utopian Vision Born of a Harsh Truth”

March, 2014

Arte Al Día International, “Major Exhibition by Luis Cruz Azaceta at Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art in New Jersey”

February, 2014

International Review of African American Art, “The Struggles Away or Towards This Peace: Amiri Baraka’s Life in Visual Art”

January, 2014

Art Daily, “Bending the Grid: Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art to open exhibition by Luis Cruz Azaceta”
Cuban Art News, Luis Cruz Azaceta in Newark

December, 2013

Brick City Live, “Shadow Dance at Aljira”

November, 2013

Glocally Newark: “Temporality and Objects is a ‘Homecoming’”

October, 2013

The Star-Ledger Review by art critic Dan Bischoff: “Aljira co-founder returns with works reflecting his life at Newark art center”

September, 2013

WBGO Journal radio segment: “Aljira @ 30”
BOMB Magazine interview with Carl E. Hazlewood

January, 2013

The Star-Ledger Review: “Oddities at Aljira: Ogling rabbits on display with mashups and superheroes”

December, 2012

BOMBLOG, SuperHUMAN Gestures

June, 2012

Arts Council honors Aljira founding director, Victor L. Davson.