Oliver Lake
February 12, 2015 – May 21, 2015

Sticks are created by celebrated master jazz musician and Doris Duke Artist Award recipient, Oliver Lake. Using found objects and materials, Lake has been making painted sticks for over thirty years. “When I create them, I am sharing a portion of my life.” Sticks are available for purchase. A free Sunday afternoon jazz performance by Oliver Lake and his Big Band will be presented at Aljira on May 17, 2015, from 4–5:30pm.

Oliver Lake - Standing Stick
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Elements of Arcadia

Vikki Michalios
February 12, 2015 – May 21, 2015

Aljira Emerge 11 Fellow Vikki Michalios’ Elements of Arcadia will continue to occupy Aljira’s storefront window through May 21, 2015. A site-specific hydroponic installation created for the recently completed Emerge 11 exhibition, it blends art, horticulture and sustainable technologies.

“Her work aims to transform how society views and uses agricultural practices, how it explores the mutability of art and how it seeks to bridge the viewing of and the experience of art.” – Jorge Rojas, Curator

Vikki Michelious - Elements of Arcadia
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Aljira Emerge 11: “I put this moment… here. I put this
moment… here. I put this moment… over here.”

September 25 – December 20, 2014

About Aljira Emerge:
Since its inception in 1999, the Aljira Emerge Program has been committed to providing artists in the New Jersey/New York metropolitan region with the skills and strategies to thrive in today’s competitive art world. Providing professional development opportunities for over 250 Emerge Artist Fellows. At the end of each program, each Fellow is included in a group exhibition as well as an exhibition catalog.The excellent reputation of the Emerge program is built on the perseverance and commitment of the 21 artists that make up each new Emerge group annually, and they deserve recognition for investing their time and energy to their enterprise.Aljira applauds the over 250 artists that make up the Emerge Community.

Emerge 11 Workshop Leaders: Alyson Pou, Ela Troyano, Colleen Keegan, Beverly McIver, Amy Smith, Jackie Battenfield, Dread Scott, Aaron Landsman and Edwin Ramoran

Emerge 11 Artists:
Katie Cercone, Nell Painter, William D. Caballero, Nobutaka Aozaki, Diana Schmertz, David Rios Ferreira, Heidi Lau, Stephanie Powell, Ariana Barat, Phoenix Lindsey-Hall, Patricia Cazorla, Ken Weathersby, Rosemary Taylor, Ann Oren, Tai Hwa Goh, Barbara Wallace, Vikki Michalios, Maria Buyondo, Isaac Aden, Jennifer Williams, Caroline Mak

About the exhibition from curator Jorge Rojas:
One of art’s greatest purposes is to help us connect everything from our historical and cultural past to our wildest and most unimaginable future. The artists in this exhibition, each with a strong and unique voice, explore artmaking as a way of relating to the world and, in doing so, are creating new information about how we make contact.

This year’s EMERGE program participants all focus on making connections from specific aspects of their lives with the world around them. These relationships are numerous and diverse, including social, cultural, sexual, physical, spiritual, historical, architectural, environmental, and biological.

A few days after visiting the artists’ studios in preparation for this exhibit, I heard the song “Jig of Life” from Kate Bush’s 1985 album Hounds of Love. Toward the end of the track, the singer solemnly intones, “I put this moment… here. I put this moment… here. I put this moment… over here.”

These lyrics strike me as a wonderfully simple and poetic illustration of the way we selectively organize our memories and experiences; the lines point to the systems we construct to make sense of and archive our experiences. How we choose to make connections is examined and illuminated here in the works of these 21 artists, who deliberately juxtapose and cross-reference points of contact within their lives to different points outside.

Read The Star-Ledger review of this exhibition.

See the State of the Arts video on Emerge 11.

Image (at right):

Ariana Barat
A lover’s discourse: a violent compassion

Ariana Barat, "A lover's discourse: a violent compassion"
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Aljira at 30, Dream and Reality

March 29 – September 28, 2014

Aljira at 30, Dream and Reality  is a retrospective exhibition celebrating Aljira’s 30th Anniversary, now on view at the New Jersey State Museum, Trenton, co-curated by Margaret O-Reilly and Carl E. Hazlewood.

Aljira, A Center for Contemporary Art, was established in 1984, when a core group of artists came together in search of affordable work space in Newark. Aljira offers vital career development and exhibition opportunities for emerging and under-recognized artists; provides transformative experiences for Newark-area teens; and has helped to position Newark as a significant cultural destination.

The exhibition examines the important role that Aljira has played, and continues to play, in the contemporary arts in the state and region. The exhibition includes works from Aljira’s own rich and diverse collection, as well as works borrowed from artists who have exhibited or studied at Aljira. The exhibition includes paintings, sculpture, drawings, prints and photographs.

Read a New York Times review of Aljira at 30, Dream and Reality here.



Studio Montclair presents Viewpoints 2014

June 4 – June 28, 2014

Juror: Juror: Sue Scott, independent curator, writer, art consultant and founder of Sue Scott Gallery.

Studio Montclair’s 17th Annual Open Juried Exhibition, ViewPoints 2014, features the work of 100 artists from New Jersey and 16 other states (plus one from the United Kingdom).

An opening reception and award ceremony will be held on Saturday, June 7, from 6-9pm.

The following artists were selected for inclusion in this exhibition:

Cary Africk, Christine Anderson, Danielle Austen, Lisa Bagwell, Rob Barth, Amy Becker, Bartosz Beda, John Bendel, Michael Benevenia, Federico Bianchi, Brad Birchett, Jennifer Breitenstein, Lynne Buschman, Kirsten Campbell, Kathy Cantwell, Curtis Cascagnette, Nora Chavooshian, Robin Clark, John Cleary, Zach Collins, Donna Conklin King, Pam Cooper, Patricia Cudd, Lynda D’Amico, Jean Davey Winter, Doug Depice, Matthew Derezinski, Kurt Dyrhaug, Laura Elkins, Roshanak Elmendorf, Eileen Erbeck, Noel Farese, Jodie Fink, Connie Freid, Bennett Gewirtz, Allan Gorman, Orna Greenberg, Jack Gron,Kate Hamilton, Lannie Hart, Colin Hathaway, Micãl Hernãindez, Elizabeth Herrmann, Alice Jacob, Paul Jervis, Michael Burris Johnson, Michael Kellner, Gina Kingsley, Alexandra Kirtley, Richard Koch, Neal Korn, Taehyub Lee, Wendy Letven, Eric Levin, Colleen Lineberry, Elaine Longtemps, Manuel Macarrulla, Dave Magyar, Bonnie Maranz, Rose Materdomini, Hildy Maze, Dan Mccormack, Apryl Miller, Paul Mordetsky, Maureen O’Leary, Lisa Ocasio Hirkaler, Anne Oshman, Daniel Pailes-Friedman, Arthur Paxton, Christopher Priority, Lisa Redburn, William Dean Reynolds, Gregg Rosen, Judy Row, Anthony Santella, Katia Setzer, Beverly Shipko, Jim Shirey, Don Sichler, Srujana Sinha, Britt Snyder, Katherine Stanek, Margie Steinman, Brian Stymest, Abie Sussman, John Szabo, Nishiki Tayui, Michael Teters, Katie Truk, Miriam Untoria, William Waggoner, Danielle Wagner, Anne Wedler, Jenny Wiener, Eric Williams, Margaret Withers, David Witten, Christine Wuenschel, Tony Zaza, and Fotios Zemenides.

Studio Montclair is a nonprofit member organization of exhibiting professional artists and others interested in the visual arts that promotes culture and education in the visual arts and encourages emerging artists.

Pam Cooper, "The Playground, view I"