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Support Aljira

Support Aljira

"[Aljira]...is quietly growing into a
contemporary art powerhouse."

The New York Times

Dear Friend,

In 1984, a group of artists came together and launched Aljira, a Center for Contemporary Art in Newark, NJ. The core group included Carl Hazlewood, Fausto Sevila, Liz Seaton, Seitz Frankfort and me. We were united in our desire for a place to create and show our work alongside the work of other emerging and established artists who were challenging conventional notions about art, connecting art to the issues of the day, and stimulating new conversations about values, art and culture. By choosing Aljira as its name, a word from the Australian Aborigines which suggests open possibilities, the founders signaled their desire to create a space and a sense of possibility for the art of the “other,” that is, for artists outside the mainstream.

Nearly 25 years and hundreds of artists later, Aljira is the premiere contemporary art center in New Jersey. Thought-provoking Exhibitions and public programs are still at the core of our mission. Our professional development program, Emerge is one of the most well-regarded fellowship programs for emerging artists in the nation and our Culture Creators program provides transformative experiences for Newark-area teens.

Numerous creative and hard working people have passed through our doors over the years. We have been nurtured and sustained by their energy and by the investment that many generous individual and institutional donors have made in Aljira’s founding vision.

We are deeply grateful to all of our supporters and invite you to join them. Please explore these pages to learn more about Aljira.

Thank you for your consideration of support. Please contact Susan Stedman at sstedman@aljira.org to discuss how you can be a part this dynamic, creative community.

Warm regards,

Victor L. Davson
Executive Director

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