KONTROLLE, the First U.S. Solo Exhibition of German Artist, Dominik Halmer, and
Kate Stone: Every Straight Line is the Arc of a Great Circle
On View February 4–April 15, 2017 | Reception: Saturday, February 4, 2–5pm

Aljira is proud to present KONTROLLE, the first U.S. solo exhibition of German artist, Dominik Halmer and Every Straight Line is the Arc of a Great Circle—a site specific installation by Brooklyn-based artist, Kate Stone.

Dominik Halmer’s practice centers on the question of how our individual image of “reality” is constructed. Coming from an analytical but sensual approach to painting, Halmer works with the collision of different realities. In his so called “semi-functional image-objects,” we find canvases combined with everyday objects. Based on formal analogies, Halmer creates a subtle coherence between painting and objects and transforms their specific function into a poetic state of being. Through experimental arrangements, Halmer explores the relationship between object and depiction, functionality and art. By confronting the traditional concept of painting with pragmatic values and suggesting a playful usage of the artwork, he also undermines ideas of the untouchable exclusivity of art.

Organized by Dexter Wimberly, KONTROLLE presents a series of works integrating equipment from sports. These items, which are already part of a complex set of imagery and values, address the observer in an immediate way by challenging a reflexive mental reaction. By opening an associative space, on a more abstract level, they play with predominant ideas of accomplishment and systems of evaluation within our society. The title of the exhibition, KONTROLLE, refers to human desire to actively design and control the conditions of an increasingly unstable world.

Dominik Halmer (b. 1978 Munich, Germany) currently lives and works in Berlin. He studied fine arts at the Academy in Düsseldorf with Albert Oehlen and later with Heimo Zobernig in Vienna. He has been awarded several grants and will have a large solo presentation in the Museum of Arts Wiesbaden in 2018.

Every Straight Line is the Arc of a Great Circle—a site specific project by Brooklyn-based artist, Kate Stone

Alluding to the changes brought about by gentrification, renovation and development, Every Straight Line is the Arc of a Great Circle is a mixed media work that resembles a house under construction. The installation contains one small, fully finished room that must be entered and exited through a maze of wood studs. Layers of time—past, present and future are interwoven, creating subtle architectural anachronisms. The fresh wood of the unfinished maze alludes to a future yet to be built, while the complete room in the middle has the markings of a worn, lived-in space. Indentations in the carpet recall the presence of furniture and people. Fragments of drywall are artifacts of another time that have been ripped from their origins and misplaced here in the present, as ruins. The single photograph hanging in the room serves as a record of the past and provides clues to an ambiguous narrative about time, place and the traces people leave behind.

Kate Stone (b, 1988 Philadelphia, PA) is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist. She received a BA in Photography from Bard College in 2009 and an MFA from Parsons the New School for Design in 2013. Her work is a response to the way we relate to space and it challenges associations we have with familiar architectural structures. Her sculptures, drawings and photographs exist in an intersection of order and disorder, creation and destruction, two-dimensions and three. She was a recipient of the Tierney Fellowship in 2009 and has exhibited at The Center for Photography at Woodstock, Eleni Koroneou Gallery, bitforms gallery, FiveMyles, Cuchifritos Gallery + Project Space, among others.