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Ken Butler Studio

Emerge participants in the studio of artist Sara Reisman.
Feedback from Emerge Participants

Keep it up, we need programs like this!!!
- Francks Deceus, Emerge 2002 Spring

I think this program has pushed me to the next level in confidence and permanence in my art.
- B. J. Ervick, Jersey City, NJ, Emerge 2001

Aljira Emerge 2003 went beyond my wildest dreams and expectations.
- Rune Olsen, Jersey City, NJ, Emerge 2003

I'm so glad to have had this opportunity as one of the older artists. It's an invaluable experience at this age to be given this boost, and really wonderful to spend time with the artists who are youngerÉI hope that the Aljira programÉwill continue to stay open to, and sympathetic to the participation of older artists. Thanks so much for the non-discriminatory policy that is in place now.
- Elizabeth Riley, New York, NY, Emerge 2001

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